While working with AWS, many a times you may need to decouple the interaction between your applications.
But the problem you might face is, you are not sure if you should work with SNS or SQS. So let’s try to understand the differences between the two services!

What is SQS?

SQS or…


Architecture Description and Deployment Pattern

The client requests are first received at low latency because of Cloudfront. The requests are then filtered by WAF and passed on to Cognito for both AuthZ and AuthN. The approved and valid requests are then routed by API Gateway to respective endpoint functions hosted on AWS Lambdas. Most…


In the previous post we looked at basic reasons behind the success of Deep Learning and got the understanding of commonly used activation functions. In this post we’ll be looking at mathematics behind Deep Learning. Most of the beginners in the field of Deep Learning are usually people who…


In the last post, I gave you an overview of Deep Learning. In this post we’ll try to focus on the main reason behind the success of Deep Learning, i.e, Neural Networks.

Almost all the major companies use Deep Learning for tasks involving speech recognition, speech synthesis and machine…


Welcome to this series of blogs wherein I’ll try to explain the difference between Deep Learning and Machine Learning. For this, I’ll be referring the following books :

  1. Machine Learning Probabilistic Perspective By Kevin Murphy.
  2. Deep Learning By Ian Goodfellow and Yoshua Bengio (Link).


Today, Artificial intelligence(AI) is a thriving…


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